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  • The annual Hawaiian Winter:

    Jan 15, 2022

    The annual Hawaiian Winter: No snow but lots of rain. That being said, what do you do when you wanna hit up the tennis courts but the weather says otherwise? #raindays #hawaiianwinter #tennisninja #wetcourts #trysqueegeemaybe

  • Jan 13, 2022

    The USTA Hawaii Pacific Men's Night Doubles
    The Oahu Club, Hawaii Kai
    June, 2013

    Men's Open Doubles Finals:
    (4) Hendrik Bode & Pierre Tafelski (wearing white & black)
    (2) Ikaika Jobe & Michael Wojnarowicz (wearing white)

    2013 was a special summer as the HawaiiTriple Crown of Men's Tennis (Men's Night Doubles series) had officially become a staple in the Hawaii tennis community. Players now knew that there was not one but three Night Doubles events they could participate in, meaning more opportunities for some high quality tennis matches as a competitor or spectator. From the very first tournament, the tennis was electric as Hawaii's top players turned out to take their shot at the Triple Crown title.

    In the first 2013 event of the series, the USTA Hawaii Pacific Men's Night Doubles moved locations from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (last year's tournament site) to the Oahu Club. Yes, that meant two tournaments in a row would happen on the spongy hard courts of Hawaii Kai. Event number one would not disappoint as Hawaii Pacific University coaching staff members Hendrik Bode & Pierre Tafelski made their run right away. Head coach Hendrik & Assistant Grad Coach Pierre used their experience to battle past team after team, making it all the way to the semi finals in anticipation of a heavy-weight fight for a birth in the championship round. They looked strong & a definite contender for the entire triple crown.
    Their opponents were Oahu Club Teaching Pro Mike Wojnarowicz & multi-time Men's Night Doubles Champion Ikaika Jobe. Bringing the hometown crowd to every match he played, Mike put his effortless strokes & strategies onto full display night after night. His parter Ikaika also landed spectacular volley after spectacular put-away, making these guys a highly entertaining team to watch.
    You could feel it in the air that evening, a big match was about to go down to see who would reach the finals first, Bode/Tafelski or Ikaika/Mike.

    Check out highlights from this very fun semi final at the 2013 USTA Hawaii Pacific Men's Night Doubles!

  • Jan 12, 2022

    One of the coolest things is to now see fellow media personalities do tennis-related video projects. Here is my friend Bao Nguyen with a new channel called Tennis Patrol. He documents his journey as an everyday rec player enjoying the game while working his way up the competitive tennis rankings. Check out this innocent flex league matchup that became our first collab together!

  • Jan 6, 2022

    The Blue Moon Kailua Men's Night Doubles
    Kailua Racquet Club, Kailua, HI
    July-August, 2012

    Men's Open Doubles Quarter Finals:
    (8) Alex Aybar & Brandon Lee (wearing black & white)
    (2) Mind Le & Wei Yu Su (wearing blue & white)

    2012 was the first year I had the pleasure of filming the entire Triple Crown of Men's Doubles in Hawaii. It was fascinating because you got to see how each doubles (who mostly played together all summer) progressed throughout the events. You would also see doubles teams switch things up sometimes either due to partner schedule conflicts or just wanting to pair up with another player, ultimately to get ready for the Kailua Blue Moon Men's Night Doubles tournament at the end of the Triple Crown.

    In 2012, a fascinating quarter final arose in the Kailua event with Night Doubles youth & experience! One side of the net housed 8th seeds Alex Aybar & Brandon Lee, looking to pull an early upset of the tournament! Alex, a former Arizona Wildcat, brought years of experience, both in the college & the pros (Davis Cup for his country), to the court. Alex also had reached as far as the quarter finals in the Kailua Night Doubles before as well as finaled in the Oahu Club Men's Night Doubles with partner Chaz Okamoto, a warm up tournament prior to the one in this video. His partner, Brandon Lee, was coming off a strong showing in the high school varsity tennis season that Spring. Representing Punahou, Brandon held the #1 rank overall in the HHSAA, claimed an ILH individual championship & made the Finals of the HSAA State Championships in singles, losing only to eventual champion Marcel Chan Jr. Brandon had also participated with Alex Aybar in the University of Hawaii Men's Night Doubles, another warm up tournament prior to Kailua.
    Standing in their way was non other than former 3 time Kailua Night Doubles champions Minh Le & Wei Yu Su. Minh & Wei You also boasted both college & pro experience on the court. Minh, a former UC Berkley player, has gone as far as scoring a singles victory against ATP touring pro Ivo Karlovic (aka Dr. Ivo)! Wei Yu had previously played for Brigham Young University in Hawaii & went on to also play professionally for his country in Davis (similar to Alex Aybar). And, of course, these two have been known to have grabbed 3 Kailua Men's Night Doubles titles 3 years in a row from 2006-2008, giving them a serious experience edge against any opponent they would see together.

    Into the Kailua night sky we played! The audience didn't exactly know what to expect but what we got was a fabulous showing of doubles tennis that evening with these four players!

    Check out highlights from this entertaining doubles duel in Kailua!

  • Happy New Year from Tennis Ninja!

    Jan 1, 2022

    Happy New Year from Tennis Ninja! May 2022 be a year of growth in your game & your love for the game. Game on guys! #tennisninja #happynewyear #2022 #gameon #newyearnewtennis

  • Dec 31, 2021

    The Blue Moon Men's Night Doubles
    Kailua Racquet Club, Kailua (Oahu)
    July - August, 2013

    Main Draw: Finals
    (1) Dennis Lajola & Michael Yani (wearing black/yellow)
    (2) Mikael Maatta & Jan Tribler (wearing black/organg)

    The 2013 Blue Moon Men's Night Doubles was a tournament to remember! Perhaps housing the most loaded main draw in recent history, 2013's Triple Crown finale event looked to be a historic championship on paper alone. Once the players took to the court, the tennis did not disappoint!

    Top seeds Dennis Lajola & Michael Yani had come fresh off the ATP Circuit, traveling the world as touring pros (Dennis for 3-5 years & Michael for 10+ years). Both of them were top ranked juniors in the world as well as veterans of division 1 college tennis in their school days (Dennis at University of Hawaii & Michael at Duke University). That all being said, these boys racked up win after win despite being challenged by some of Hawaii's top doubles players to reach the Kailua Night Dubs final. On the other side of the bracket, 2nd seeded team & defending Kailua Night Doubles champions Mikael Maatta & Jan Tribler battled there way through the bracket. Both young & fast teams as well as more experienced & old rival teams took there shot at the former HPU Sharks but to no avail. Mikael & Jan seemed destined to meet the former ATP touring pros in the championship round that year.

    This would be a final that the fans would be buzzing about leading up to the 1st serve on Saturday night!

    Check out highlights from this battle of veterans of the big stage!


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A great option for players wanting to study their performances in tournament or league play. This is an awesome way to archive those kodak moments that may eventually define a player's tennis career! It may also serve as a potential tool for college tennis recruiting.



Includes 1 video editing choice & 1 video shoot.

Editing Choices: Full match, highlight video

Editing Add-Ons (Additional $20 / add-on):  Real-time match scores, video graphics (names of players, name of tournament, date of match, etc.).





Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all matches a player plays in a single day video shoot of an event. Includes both singles & doubles.



Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all matches a player plays throughout an entire event. Includes both singles & doubles.

Note: Opponents & parents must be notifited & approve video recording before proceeding to film any tournament match.





Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all player's matches during a single head-to-head league team matchup (Example: Kaneohe vs. Kailua Women's 3.5 League Matchup).

Note: Opposing league team captains must be notifited & approve video recording before proceeding to film a league team match.


- SEASON MATCH VIDEO PASS: $600 per team

Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all player's matches throughout an entire league season.

Note: Opposing league team captains must be notified & approve video recording before filming any league matches.




You've seen it in the pros. Now, its available at the recreational & club level! Match stats serve as concrete information for tennis players, coaches, parents (for junior players), & even fans! Valuable statistics like 1st serve percentages, winners/errors, net points won/loss, rally length, & more can all be analyzed to provide a crucial perspective on a player's match performance. In the end, the numbers don't lie!



Match Stat Report for a single player from an officially sanctioned match or a fun weekend set of tennis.

Stats include popular statistics like 1st Serve Percentage, Winners to Errors ratio (forehand/backhand winners/errors differentiated), Net Points won/loss, etc.

Stats Reports eligible for singles matches ONLY.



Match Stats Reports for a single player participting in a sanctioned league tennis team for a single season.

Note: Price may vary based on the number of matches played in a single league season.



Match Stats Reports for a single player participating in a sanctioned tournament event.

Note: Price may vary based on number of matches played in a single tournament division.




Something every junior tennis player should need in order to get seen/recruited by college tennis programs. A Tennis Scholarship Application Video is the ultimate way for junior tennis players, who aspire to play college tennis, to showoff their skills & competitiveness to collegiate coaches who may be looking for new players to add to their teams. Video shooting/editing will come with multiple draft copies to help juniors & their families determine what their final product will look like before sending it out to coaches.



Detailed video of a junior tennis player applying for a scholarship to play tennis at the college / university level.

Video format will be based on NCAA Scholarship Application Video Guidelines.

Video will be shot on site.

2 Video Drafts are included. Additional drafts afterwards will be $100 each.



Detailed video of a junior tennis player applaying for a scholarship to play tennis at the college / university level.

EDITING ONLY. Video footage for editing will be provided by the junior player.

Video footage must be in compliance with NCAA Scholarship Application Video Guidelines.

2 Video Drafts are included. Additional drafts afterwards will be $50 each.




What does Tennis Ninja do with all the video we've shot over the years? We archive it into our private database to preserve footage until it is one day needed again. That being said, if players are looking to purchase permanent or secondary copies of any match (or practice/lesson) that they have played in before, they can acquire a copy of that video through us if we shot footage of it in the past.

VIDEO PRIVACY POLICY: Players may only purchase copies of videos that they themselves participated in. Purchasing footage to scout other players/programs goes against our video privacy policy & is just not cool.



Video of any previous match/practice that the player has participated in from the past. Videos will be released in raw format (no editting unless previously edited by Tennis Ninja).





All media servies above are available to players who also send us their own tenns footage! We are still able to edit & create tennis video presentations, or stats reports, if even we aren't the ones filming you play.

PLEASE inquire with us (before pursuing this option) for adjusted pricing.