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  • May 26, 2022

    The Blue Moon Kailua Men's Night Doubles
    Kailua Racquet Club, Kailua, HI
    July-August, 2010

    Men's Open Doubles 1st Round:
    (3) Hendrik Bode & Michael Wojnarowicz (wearing gray & blue)
    James Rivers & Matthew Westmoreland (wearing white & black)

    One highlight of the annual Men's Night Doubles tournament in Kailua everyone looks forward to is to see who would matchup with who in the 1st round of the grueling main draw. One week prior to the main draw, the best of the best local talent battle it out in the infamous Kailua Night Doubles qualifying draw, which in itself is an event to watch. Coaches, juniors, former college players, & high school players litter the bracket, all fighting their way to earn a spot in the 1st round. In each final spot, a seeded team (usually favored to go far or win the tournament), is the qualifying teams reward to but usually seen as an honor to even make it that far. Some would say that the Kailua Night Doubles is like the Grand Slam of Hawaii Tennis.

    In 2010, 3rd seeds Hendrik Bode & Michael Wojnarowicz were poised to make a run at the championship match. Hendrik brought his collegiate playing experience at HPU alongside Michael's collegiate experience as well as pro tennis analyzing from the Tennis Channel to the hallowed courts of the Windward Side. Their first round opponents were no slouch in a very scrappy high school team of Matthew Westmoreland & James Rivers. Representing Island Pacific Academy School & the Pac-5 (combination of Hawaii private schools in athletics), Matt & James were standouts in the annual HHSAA Varsity Tennis State Tournament. Both Matt & James finished among the top 3 in singles for their schools in the past so the audience was curious what these the. youths could do against experienced coaches/ former college players.

    Check out highlights from this fun first round clash under the Kailua night sky!

  • May 19, 2022

    The Oahu Club, Hawaii Kai, HI (Oahu)
    January, 2014

    Men's Open Singles: Finals
    #7 Nils Schuhmann (wearing green)
    Jared Carstenn (wearing white)

    Not all the time are the best tennis matches a battle of wills. Some matches are intriguing to watch because of contrast in playing styles. Singles tournaments are always a good chance to see this & witness many different ways to play the game of tennis.

    In 2014, then University of Hawaii men's player Nils Schumann represented the Rainbow Warriors proudly as he was primed to make a deep run into the Royal Lahaina Challenger Wildcard event. The 7th seed's extreme Western grip & heavy topspin game would prove to be a challenge for some players to deal with in past events. His first opponent of the Wildcard tournament would be then Head Pro (& now Director of Tennis) of the Kailua Racquet Club Jared Carstenn. Normally a veteran on the doubles court or the golden voice behind the mic, Jared decided that he'd put his name in the singles pot at the Oahu Club & give it a shot against some of Hawaii's top singles players. With his lightning fast reflexes & serve & volley game, Jared would wow the audience with every point he played as he dueled it out with the division 1 baseliner on the other side of the net. This would be a battle of playing styles that was an eye-catcher that night One thing's for sure, these two guys enjoyed themselves in this matchup!

    Check out highlights from this fun first round duel out in Hawaii Kai!

  • The Tennis Ninja community comes in all different shapes, sizes, & ages.

    May 18, 2022

    The Tennis Ninja community comes in all different shapes, sizes, & ages. Here’s one of our youngest honorary Ninjas! #tennisninja #4U #5U #reptheninja #tennisninjapride #startthemyoung #honoraryninja #sportsday

  • May 12, 2022

    Bruce Nagel Tennis Academy (BNTA) Teaching Pros vs. High School Varsity Tennis State Champions Exhibition Match
    Kailua Racquet Club, Kailua, HI
    June, 2011

    Men's Doubles Exhibition:
    Jared Carstenn & Derek Morrison (wearing navy blue & light blue)
    Marcel Chan Jr. & Roman Kop (wearing black & light blue)

    In 2011, Kamehameha School (Kapalama) had two boys from their varsity tennis team represent & claim the HHSAA Boys Doubles individual state title! These players hailed from the Windward side of Oahu. They were Marcel Chan Jr. & Roman Kop, two hard working boys who played their hearts out every time they were on the court. Marcel was also a member of the Kailua Racquet Club at the time & when the club heard about Marcel & Roman's accomplishment, the idea for interesting exhibition match came to mind.

    One Friday evening, BNTA teaching pros Jared Carstenn & Derek Morrison stepped up to the plate to play the high school juniors in front of a passionate KRC crowd. This match started off as nothing but shear entertainment, however this matchup turned out to be a fun contrast in competitive experience & playing styles. BNTA Director of Tennis & KRC General Manager Bruce Nagel served as the live narrating chair umpire for this match. With a Night Doubles feel, the crowd in attendance was in for a treat!

    Check out highlights from this special exhibition event.

  • Congratulations to the 2022 HHSAA Varsity Tennis Champs & podium finishers in Maui!

    May 8, 2022

    Congratulations to the 2022 HHSAA Varsity Tennis Champs & podium finishers in Maui! First State tournament for tennis since 2019. ☑️ Big thanks to the Royal Lahaina & Kapahulu Tennis Clubs for hosting these kids & putting on the event as well as the HHSAA & sponsors for helping fuel it all as well. Hoping we can be there in person in the future! #tennisninja #hawaiitennis #states #hhsaa #varsitytennis #highschooltennis #oia #ilh #statesisback #next #bringbacknightdoubles

  • It’s National Tennis Month everyone!

    May 5, 2022

    It’s National Tennis Month everyone! Get out there & enjoy the game or try it out for the first time guys. It’s called the Lifetime Sport for a reason. 🙂🎾 #tennisninja#nationaltennismonth #getoutandplay #iliketry #swingaway #lifetimesport #getit


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Tennis Ninja is a Media Service & Sports Journalism entity based in the state of Hawaii. We specialize in providing video photography services to tennis players, coaches, & fans at a variety of levels of play in our community. We are also a dedicated reporting source that helps document & archive the sport of tennis throughout the Hawaiian Islands.


Our mission is to help put the tool of Tennis Video in the hands of players at every level & age. We also want to make the game of tennis more visible to our local communities via social media.

We're hoping to connect with lifelong tennis players, coaches, & fans around the world as well as inspire new players to experience our awesome sport for the first time!

Media Services

Ever wanted to capture your very own tennis memories, but yearn for a professional presentation? Look no further than Tennis Ninja's Media Services! 

Our tennis video photography services are now available to the general public! Recreational players can enjoy archiving their progress in league play or priceless weekend warrior doubles sessions. Competitive juniors & collegiate players can study game film & practice sessions from a valuable second set of eyes.

*** Video services can also be applied to other racquet sports like Pickleball, Paddle Tennis, Badmiton, Beach Tennis, etc ***

There is something for everyone as Tennis Ninja brings the camera to your arena today!





A great option for players wanting to study their performances in tournament or league play. This is an awesome way to archive those kodak moments that may eventually define a player's tennis career! It may also serve as a potential tool for college tennis recruiting.



Includes 1 video editing choice & 1 video shoot.

Editing Choices: Full match, highlight video

Editing Add-Ons (Additional $20 / add-on):  Real-time match scores, video graphics (names of players, name of tournament, date of match, etc.).





Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all matches a player plays in a single day video shoot of an event. Includes both singles & doubles.



Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all matches a player plays throughout an entire event. Includes both singles & doubles.

Note: Opponents & parents must be notifited & approve video recording before proceeding to film any tournament match.





Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all player's matches during a single head-to-head league team matchup (Example: Kaneohe vs. Kailua Women's 3.5 League Matchup).

Note: Opposing league team captains must be notifited & approve video recording before proceeding to film a league team match.


- SEASON MATCH VIDEO PASS: $600 per team

Access to all video editing formats, copies of video footage for all player's matches throughout an entire league season.

Note: Opposing league team captains must be notified & approve video recording before filming any league matches.




You've seen it in the pros. Now, its available at the recreational & club level! Match stats serve as concrete information for tennis players, coaches, parents (for junior players), & even fans! Valuable statistics like 1st serve percentages, winners/errors, net points won/loss, rally length, & more can all be analyzed to provide a crucial perspective on a player's match performance. In the end, the numbers don't lie!



Match Stat Report for a single player from an officially sanctioned match or a fun weekend set of tennis.

Stats include popular statistics like 1st Serve Percentage, Winners to Errors ratio (forehand/backhand winners/errors differentiated), Net Points won/loss, etc.

Stats Reports eligible for singles matches ONLY.



Match Stats Reports for a single player participting in a sanctioned league tennis team for a single season.

Note: Price may vary based on the number of matches played in a single league season.



Match Stats Reports for a single player participating in a sanctioned tournament event.

Note: Price may vary based on number of matches played in a single tournament division.




Something every junior tennis player should need in order to get seen/recruited by college tennis programs. A Tennis Scholarship Application Video is the ultimate way for junior tennis players, who aspire to play college tennis, to showoff their skills & competitiveness to collegiate coaches who may be looking for new players to add to their teams. Video shooting/editing will come with multiple draft copies to help juniors & their families determine what their final product will look like before sending it out to coaches.



Detailed video of a junior tennis player applying for a scholarship to play tennis at the college / university level.

Video format will be based on NCAA Scholarship Application Video Guidelines.

Video will be shot on site.

2 Video Drafts are included. Additional drafts afterwards will be $100 each.



Detailed video of a junior tennis player applaying for a scholarship to play tennis at the college / university level.

EDITING ONLY. Video footage for editing will be provided by the junior player.

Video footage must be in compliance with NCAA Scholarship Application Video Guidelines.

2 Video Drafts are included. Additional drafts afterwards will be $50 each.




What does Tennis Ninja do with all the video we've shot over the years? We archive it into our private database to preserve footage until it is one day needed again. That being said, if players are looking to purchase permanent or secondary copies of any match (or practice/lesson) that they have played in before, they can acquire a copy of that video through us if we shot footage of it in the past.

VIDEO PRIVACY POLICY: Players may only purchase copies of videos that they themselves participated in. Purchasing footage to scout other players/programs goes against our video privacy policy & is just not cool.



Video of any previous match/practice that the player has participated in from the past. Videos will be released in raw format (no editting unless previously edited by Tennis Ninja).





All media servies above are available to players who also send us their own tenns footage! We are still able to edit & create tennis video presentations, or stats reports, if even we aren't the ones filming you play.

PLEASE inquire with us (before pursuing this option) for adjusted pricing.